SG-3003 Silicone Face Cleaning


1.8000 transdermal sonic pulsations per minute at the power delivers to the deepest cleansing .

2.Mermaid design with 2 cleaning modes and 9 different vibration meet various needs.

3.The facial cleaning brush can gently exfoliate dead skin cells,unclog pores of make up residue,and remove dirt and Oil efficiently.

4.Lower-frquency pulsations to massage the face ,visibly reduce fine lines around the eyes and mouth ,and leaving the skin look firm and lifted.

5.It improves the absorption of skincare products.

6.Softer touch-points are extremely gentle on the skin

7.Nonporous Ultra-hygienic silicone can resist bacteria buildup ,More hygientic than standrad nylon cleaning brushes.

8.USB charging with LED indicator

9.Overcharge/overdischarge protection

10. Smart timer: 3 minutes auto-off

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