SG-998 Sonic Toothbrush with traval case


1. With twin-engines magnetic levitation motor make 6mm wide wing on the bristle to clean oral effectively

2. 32000- 42,000 strokes/min (Can be OEM)

3. 5 modes(clean ,whiten,sensitive,Gumcare,deep clean)offers varying oral care needs. 

4. 2 minute timer with 30 seconds interval time

5. Smart LED indicater with power shortage reminder and power-off protection.

6. Supercharged Lithium battery ,up to 3 weeks of brushing on single charge.

7. Inductive charging function.

8. USB interface,can be workable with mobile phone charger.


MaterialABS, TPE
Battery typeDC3.7V,700mAh lithium battery
Power source    DC 5V USB charging
Product Size254X70X70mm

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