SG-2701+4019 Wireless inductive Sonic Toothbrush with Pressure-sensor


1.Powerful magnetic levitation motor makes 6mm wide swing on the bristles to clean oral effectively.

2.Up to 42,000 strokes per minute;

3.Pressure-sensing function with upgrade 3-second gradual strength ,Splash-proof and comfortable experience;

4.15 Modes(5 modes * 3 intensities settings), offers varing oral care needs;

5.2-minute timer with 30 second interval indicator;

6.Smart digital display indicator with power shortage reminder and power-off protection;

7.large capacity lithium battery ,8 hours to full charge, last for 60days of using;


MaterialABS, TPE
Battery typeDC3.7V,1500mAh lithium battery
Power sourceDC5V  
Product Size for toothbrush    28*29.8*250mm 
Product Size for charger66.8*66.8*32.6mm



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